Geoff Bellamy – Horn                        Geoff Bellamy

Geoff is now retired after teaching for 34 years. He lives in Bridlington. He is widowed with two grown-up sons and, now, two granddaughter and a grandson.
Geoff’s interest in the horn has been intermittent throughout his adult life, he is an organist and pianist originally, but loves playing the horn and finds it a challenging and rewarding experience. Geoff plays an Engelbert Schmid Bb/F alto double horn.

Geoff enjoys a very wide variety of music but has a special fondness for Mozart, Haydn, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Elgar and Vaughan Williams.

Active on EBay, a regular reviewer on Amazon and Trip Advisor, Geoff enjoys walking, gardening and, of course, listening to music.
Geoff is a Christian. He has academic qualifications from Cambridge and Hull universities, as well as from the Catholic Hierarchy of England and Wales, unusual given the fact of him being a Methodist!


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Geoff Bellamy
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