Tony Turner – Trombone                        Tony Turner

Tony Turner, trombone player in the ensemble, grew up playing in the Lancashire brass band world before going to university to train as a music teacher.

Since his first teaching appointment at Lady Lumley’s School, Pickering he has worked as a music teacher and director of performing arts in North Yorkshire schools, where he also trained highly accomplished school and youth bands. Now retired, he completed his career as a senior officer with local authority children’s services.

He has combined teaching with a semi-professional music career as a member of the George Bradley Big Band, the Geoff Laycock Orchestra, Dave Clegg Band and other UK brass and big bands.

Tony enjoys performing a wide variety of musical styles and is also a member of the Scarborough Symphony Orchestra and the Yorkshire Wolds Versatile Brass.

He is the musical director of the Northern Showtime Orchestra which specialises in performing theatre shows tracing the life and work of famous musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller and George Gershwin.


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Tony Turner
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